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How to Prevent Your Orkut from Honeypot

Dear Friends If you are a Orkut user, you should be aware of this dangerous attack, caused many users' accounts hacked to change / delete their profile information. Yes. Orkut is HACKED these days with some malicious honey pots like Though this attack seems to be simple, it will lead to lose your Orkut profile at a stage. I would explain you about this attack in details providing necessary steps to prevent your information on Orkut. Read ahead for further information. What is a Honey Pot? 'Honey Pot' or 'Honeypot' is a term used in computer terminology (Information Security), is a trap set or forgery kind of thing to track, detect, delete, hack, deflect, or in some manner counteract attempts at unauthorized use of information systems. Generally it consists of a computer, data, website, or a network that appears to be a part of original network or website. It seems to contain information ora resource of value. But it is actuall

Use Google Docs as Free OCR - Extract Text from Images

Hi All I have recently written about Free OCR - Extract Text from Images . In the continuation with that post, I am here to tell you about a nice trick with Google Documents that does the same work we have learnt on extracting text from images. As you are aware, OCR is very much helpful for extracting or getting text from images, scanned papers, print-outs, wallpapers, banners, etc. I came to know this trick with Google Docs, when I was surfing online curiously about 'OCR'. I would like to share my experience with you. Google Documents List Data API As part of Google Labs (An innovative environment where Google tests the new features to be added in Google Services like GMail, Orkut, Google Reader, Google Calender, Google Docs), Google introduced List Data API v3.0 for its free service Google Documents. API stands for Application Programming Interface, an interface implemented by a software or a service through which one application can interact with other.  Google Docs as

Tips to Download YouTube Videos as MP3 Audio Files

Hello Visitors Most of us know the free online video storage service from Google - YouTube. There are hundreds of new websites becoming popular among us, since those sites are useful for us to customize the YouTube service as per our wish. For example, if we need to download the videos from YouTube in the desired file format, we have lot of free websites and software or applications. In the series, as a blogger and surfer, I personally visited some websites and used the services. Few days back, I wanted an online service that helps me to convert YouTube videos to MP3 audio files. I found some useful websites to finish my task. I would like to tell about my search history. Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 Files You may need to convert videos to mp3s in the following cases: You need some specific audio effects / sound effects from a video. You need audio only. You are afraid of video, but not of audio. Ha Ha :) Below are my personal findings over internet to download YouTube videos a