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Top Three Browsers for Java Enabled Mobile Phones

Hello All

Are you crazy about your mobile? Always interested to make your mobile interesting and much useful? I am such a person. I am always attempting to get most out of my mobile. I have already told about my present widgets. I am using mobiles for the past 7 years. I would like to bring you my experience over mobile searches. In the next few posts, I would explain you in details about the available mobiles, platforms, features, application support and troubleshooting, while this post is specific to Java Handsets.

About Java Mobiles
Java 2 Mobile Edition (J2ME) is the platform installed on most of the mobiles available today. J2ME is the customized Java environment for mobile devices with minimized features of regular Java. As Sun Microsystems Inc., tags "Java is Everywhere; even in your TV remote", Java is supported even in small embedded devices like TV remote with this J2ME platform. There are different profiles and configurations of J2ME as the advancement in mobile platform grows. You can learn more about it from internet. Google will help you. Let's proceed to next section.

About Java Applications
Java applications for mobile devices are developed from J2ME platform. There are many Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) available for the development of J2ME applications. I know very well about Netbeans, a free IDE from Sun Microsystems Inc, almost equally competitive to Microsoft's Visual Studio IDE features. J2ME applications are normally called MIDlets, programmatic name given to Java mobile applications. MIDlets are created as an executable Java ARchives (JAR files) which have file extensions '.jar'. MIDlets can be dowloaded from internet directly to the mobile devices using Java Application Descriptors (JAD). These files have extensions '.jad'. I think this gives you very basic idea about what the J2ME is and the JAR is. As I quoted earlier, do Googling for more stuff.

Mobile Browsers
Mobile browsers are applications on your mobile device that allows you to surf internet. As you guess, the three important requirements to connect internet from your mobile are:
  1. Your mobile service operator (provider) should offer you any of the mobile internet services like GPRS, EDGE or 3G.
  2. Your mobile handset should have enabled GPRS, EDGE or 3G facility.
  3. Your mobile should have a browser client.
Though all the mobiles are now coming with their own default browser clients, you can not find it much useful. You can not get the maximum from your mobile internet. That's why, many big developers showed interest to develop mobile browsers.

Top Three Mobile Browsers
To begin with the posts about Java mobile applications (MIDlets), I would like to tell you the tips and tricks on Java Mobile Browsers. I ranked these browsers based on the following metrics:
  • User Interface (Great Look <-> Poor Look)
  • Navigation (Easy <-> Hard)
  • Loading Pages (Faster <-> Slower)
  • Web View (Complete <-> Mobile View Only)
  • Data Usage (Low <-> High)
  • Multi-Tabs (Good <-> Fair/Not Available)
  • Save Pages (Good <-> Fair/Not Available)
  • Bookmarks (Good <-> Fair/Not Available)
  • Built-in Download Manager (Good <-> Fair/Not Available)
  • Auto-completing URLs (Good <-> Fair/Not Available)
1. Opera Mini
Opera Mini is developed by Opera. Opera Mini/Opera Mobile is the world's most popular award winning mobile browser for most of the mobile platforms, even for Apple iPhone and Google Nexus One. For java enabled phones, we have a MIDlet Opera Mini with various features.

Read more about Opera Mini at Opera Website.

Download Opera Mini
Opera Mini can be downloaded from internet to your PC or to your mobile directly. To download to PC, click here. To download to your mobile directly, visit from your mobile's default browser.

Note: To begin download, you should know about your mobile details like Brand and Model.

UCWEB is developed by UCWEB corporation, China. It has equal features of Opera Mini.

Read about it more here.

Download UCWEB
To download to your PC, click here. To download to your mobile directly, visit from your phone's default browser.

It is an excellent mobile with nice look and great navigation features. The first most drawback is that it takes much data for loading web pages completely.

Read more about BOLT here.

Download BOLT
To download to your PC, click here. 

About This Post
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Feel free to express your views about this post in the comments section.
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