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Top 5 Instant Messengers (IM) for Mobile Phones

eBuddy Top 5 Instant Messengers for Mobiles
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You should have visited my previous post about java applications at Top Three Java Browsers for Mobiles. Today I would like tell you about All-in-One Instant Messengers for Java enabled mobile phones. Mobile Messengers are most popular among us now-a-days, because everyone wants to be connected online with friends on-the-go. So choosing a mobile messenger depends on the exciting features of the applications. There are thousands of such Java applications for mobiles available today. I would bring you an analytic view of some of the applications based on its features. Read more about this.

All-in-One Instant Messengers
We have free accounts with many social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tagged, Twitter, and free web mail accounts like GMail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, etc. The term 'All-in-One' refers to a feature of an instant messenger that lets us to connect to most of these social platforms as well as web mail accounts, so that we can chat with the available online friends from those accounts. Now the messaging  has been made simple using these applications.

Features of Instant Messengers
I rated these instant messaging applications based on the following features:
  • Performance (Speed, Easier Load, Low Memory)
  • Interface (Multi-screens, Look-and-Feel, Graphics, Notifications and Alerts)
  • Easier Navigation
  • Multiple Client Chat
  • Photo Sharing
  • Audio Sharing
  • Video Sharing
  • Document Sharing
  • Voice Chat
  • Video Chat
  • Offline Messaging
  • Blogging
  • Buzz

Nimbuzz Top 5 Instant Messengers for Mobiles
1. Nimbuzz 
First of all, I am very much satisfied with Nimbuzz. I am using Nimbuzz on my mobile from the beta release. Nimbuzz offers us free instant messaging, free mobile calls and makes all our friends in one place on-the-go. Using this simple application installed on our mobile, we can chat with our friends across all our social networks including Google Talk, Skype, Windows Live Messenger /MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ, AIM, and more for free. We can chat with our friends from all these networks at a time. Using Nimbuzz chat-rooms, we can meet people over the world and share ideas while making new friends.If our friends are offline, we can let them know we are trying to get in touch by sending them a "Buzz". It will start Nimbuzz on their mobile phone.We can make free calls via 3G and Wi-Fi and low-cost international calls to any mobile phone or land-line, anywhere, with NimbuzzOut. Unfortunately, in India, we still have to wait for complete 3G implementation around our cities to use this exciting feature. Believe that waiting will be fruitful. :) On Symbian and Windows Mobile handsets, we can use totally free calling using VoIP. We can also share music, movies & photos for free. This application allows us to share our location and retrieve the location of our friends on a map, which is a very useful feature I like most.
Nimbuzz Top 5 Instant Messengers for Mobiles

Download the free application now and join thousands of your friends around the world. Now I'm sure that if you are going to use Nimbuzz, you are one who get more mobile, with Nimbuzz.  For more details visit

eBuddy Top 5 Instant Messengers for Mobiles
2. eBuddy
Now eBuddy is the most popular instant messaging client in India. I see most of my friends are using this application on their mobile. It allows us to connect Yahoo!, MSN, Facebook Chat, AIM, ICQ and Google Talk buddies under single application. Its features are much useful than other apps. We can send any image from our phone to friends, directly from the camera or from our phone's memory. We can make group chats, room chats. They say it's more reliable for the group chat. We can choose our own color theme to match our taste. We can set our profile avatar with a snap-shot taken from our camera phone. eBuddy is also available for Google's Android phones and the iPhone/iPod Touch.

eBuddy Top 5 Instant Messengers for Mobiles

Why can't you join eBuddy and get the most popular and free instant messaging application on your mobile. Visit this link or visit from your mobile browser to download the application directly to your mobile.

3. Fring
Fring is a free mobile internet service & community that enables us to talk & interact with other friends and their online communities, from their mobile phones. We can connect to Skype, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Twitter, Yahoo!, AIM & SIP contacts from anywhere. Fring is a revolutionary mobile application that allows us to stay with contacts on our mobile we'll stay connected wherever we go presence status for all of our contacts and know who's online before connecting. We can send & receive our favorite videos, music, games, ringtones, docs & more with Fring’s new file transfer feature. Fring is also available for Android devices.

Download Fring to your computer and transfer to your mobile using Bluetooth or data cable.

4. Fonwar
Fonwar is a friendplay IM lets us chat how we want, by connecting us with friends on MSN, Yahoo!, AIM and GTalk. Now we can take a cool picture with the camera on our phone, and send it directly to our friends! Just click Take Photo on Menu, snap your photo, preview it and send! Your friends can always view this picture, no matter what network or application they are on. Chat with anyone, anywhere and in any language inside Fonwar's 1,000 chatrooms! Talk with your friends on the wap, website or the mobile application! Each chatroom also supports a variety of emoticons and easy management allowing you to kick and block other users. We can join in a chatroom or create ours! Fonwar community offers many services like creating your profile, share photos and make new friends while you chat, flirt, send gifts and play games, just like Facebook! New friends around the world are only a mobile click away.
Fonwar Top 5 Instant Messengers for Mobiles

To enjoy all this just on your handset or on your computer

5. MobileTribe
The chat application that I am trying out currently, MobileTribe lets us organize our world in our pocket from Internet and desktop by blending together popular social and address book communities - Facebook®, MySpace®, Orkut®, Plaxo®, Yahoo® and Google® into one easy-to-use application on your mobile phone. This in combination with inexpensive Voice/SMS at 98% savings and Email capability, greatly enriches the real-time communications between friends to and from anywhere in the world. With the Multimedia feature, we are no longer limited in what we can enjoy and share, we get digital media streaming to our phone from the Internet to the desktop. MobileTribe users can browse their communities, send/receive messages, view and comment on pictures, send/receive SMS, emails, receive alerts and much more.
MobileTribe Top 5 Instant Messengers for Mobiles

Find details at

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