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Best Alternatives to PuTTY and PSFTP

Dear Techies
I wanted an alternative for PuTTY which is an application I uses for my work. I did googling, it helped me a lot. I would like to share my search history.

PuTTY is a Free Telnet/SSH Client, an implementation of Telnet and SSH for Windows and Unix platforms, along with an 'xterm' terminal emulator. It is written and maintained primarily by Simon Tatham, a software engineer and free-software author in Cambridge, UK. 
PuTTY 0.60 is the latest version of the PuTTY, released on 29-Apr-2007 is beta 0.60 and is used wide around the world by many organizations.

Working with PuTTY
SSH, Telnet and Rlogin are three ways of connecting PuTTY to remote servers:

  • logging in to a multi-user computer from another computer, over a network.

  • Multi-user operating systems, such as Unix, usually present a command-line interface to the user, much like the `Command Prompt' or `MS-DOS Prompt' in Windows. The system prints a prompt, and you type commands which the system will obey. 
You might want to use SSH, Telnet or Rlogin if:

  1. you have an account on a Unix system which you want to be able to access from somewhere else.

  2. your Internet Service Provider provides you with a login account on a web server. (This might also be known as a shell account. A shell is the program that runs on the server and interprets your commands for you.)
You probably do not want to use SSH, Telnet or Rlogin if:

  1. you only use Windows. Windows computers have their own ways of networking between themselves, and unless you are doing something fairly unusual, you will not need to use any of these remote login protocols. 
Note: SSH (which stands for `secure shell') is a recently designed, high-security protocol. It uses strong cryptography to protect your connection against eavesdropping, hijacking and other attacks. Telnet and Rlogin are both older protocols offering minimal security.

Free Download PuTTY
You can download PuTTY to your personal computer from the developer's website:
PuTTY free Download here.

Installing PuTTY on Windows
PuTTY is a stand-alone executable (.exe) file, no need to install it on windows to run.

The developers of the PuTTY application for SSH have also provided applications that are command line driven and are better suited for those people who already are familiar with command line file transfers. One of such applications is PSFTP, developed for Windows and Unix platforms.

Free Download PSFTP
You can download PSFTP to your personal computer from the developer's website:
PSFTP free Download here.

Installing PSFTP on Windows
PSFTP is a stand-alone executable (.exe) file, no need to install it on windows to run. 

Drawbacks of PuTTY and PSFTP
I have used PuTTY and PSFTP for all my SSH needs over windows to unix and unix to windows transfers for a long time now. It is great but certainly lacks a little polish in some areas. The one feature I really wanted was tabbed sessions in PuTTY.

Alternatives to PuTTY and PSFTP
After a little searching I came across a comment on this post that mentioned an open source alternative called 'Poderosa'. I just got round to downloading and I must say that so far it looks great. One more alternative to PuTTY is SSH Secure Shell Client which comes with a secure file transfer client called SSH Secure FTP Client. SSH Secure FTP Client is the best aleternative to PSFTP on Windows platform.

1. Poderosa
Poderosa is an open source tabbed based terminal emulator. Unlike any other terminal emulator Poderosa allows you to work with split windows, so that you can easily run multiple sessions at once. Another unique feature is that Poderosa can be used as a local shell for cygwin. All typical terminal protocols are supported: telnet, SSH1/SSH2 and serial ports. Poderosa also provides a plug-in architecture allowing 3rd party developers to easily contribute new features and functionality.
The only potential downside is that it relies on the .net framework, so it is not quite as light as PuTTY but good to work.

Free Download Poderosa
Poderosa requires .NET Framework 2.0. If .NET Framework is not installed on your computer, please get .NET Framework first by Windows Update. It works on Windows Me, 2000, XP, and NT4.0.
Poderosa 4.1.0 Download (2047KB, released on Nov 22, 2006) here.
The old version is available here. The version 3.0.0 requires .NET Framework 1.1.

2. SSH Secure Shell Client
The SSH Secure Shell Client is a client for secure, encrypted communication, including file transfer, across networks. You can use it to connect to any server that supports the SSH (Secure Shell) protocol.

SSH Secure FTP Client
This works and looks great over PSFTP for secure file transfers. Easier interface, Drag and Drop, Multiple files Download and Multiple files Upload are plus features. One more best feature over PSFTP is, it is command-free.

Free Download SSH Secure Shell Client
The SSH Secure Shell products have been significantly expanded in functionality and re-branded with new product names starting in 2003 with SSH Tectia version 4.0. The new product name for SSH Secure Shell Client is SSH Tectia Client.
Because the new SSH Tectia solution has been developed to best suit the needs of large enterprises, governmental organizations, and financial institutions, non-commercial versions of the SSH Tectia solution are not available.They recommend that we always use the latest version of the SSH Tectia software, rather than the deprecated SSH Secure Shell 3.2 no longer available from SSH. The latest SSH Tectia client/server solution versions are available for qualified institutions of higher education at discounted prices.

We can still download the older SSH Secure Shell 3.2 non-commercial source code and Windows Client free of charge from various anonymous ftp sites around the globe for purposes of EVALUATION, NON-COMMERCIAL USE, AND UNIVERSITY USE as defined in the license agreement.

Please note that the non-commercial version has limited functionality, and is not supported by SSH. For an evaluation of the newest full functional, fully supported version, please download the SSH Tectia Client commercial evaluation version.
Note that the latest evaluation versions are valid for 45 days after the installation of the product.

Free Download SSH Secure Shell Client and SSH Secure FTP Client
As I told you earlier you can download these from the following external mirror links.
SSHSecureShellClient-3.2.9.exe Download here.

Installing SSH Secure Shell Client on Windows
Installation is quick, simple and self-explanatory. Just let the default options choosen.

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Hope the information is useful. Please post your comments.


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