Wednesday, July 28, 2010

YouTube Video - History of Internet Illustrated

Internet History
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Internet, now-a-days, is used widely not only by the people who have enough knowledge about computers and programming, but also by the beginners and newbies ranging from children. The uasge of internet all over the world is rapidly increasing. Most people, however, can imagine and  assume the functionalities of computer by its hardware, where as it's quite to difficult to them to understand about the functioning of it by its software. Remembering my good old college days, when I studied about Internet and its history, I just wanted to have a clear picture about what the real internet or world wide web is. Though I could understand much about that there as a computer engineering student, I found a YouTube HD video very much useful in illustrating the history of internet over decades. I felt the fact how fast we are in this modern world to have done everything online. This video would really get you explained about the development of internet from 'just a book' to 'a netbook' using which we can explore the pages of the entire world. It is indeed very much educative and informative. So here is the sharing:

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