Friday, April 16, 2010

Tamil Actor Goundamani Died - Rumor or Real News

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First of all, I apologize for writing this post here in My Search History, as none of the contents in this post relates to our blog objective. Anyhow we have rumors around Tamil Nadu (India) about Famous Tamil Comedy Actor Mr. Goundamani's death. I wanted to confirm it from the internet where I couldn't as many bloggers used this to spread rumor about this news. My googling fails this time, I did not yet to confirm anything about this news.

About Goundamani
Goundamani is a famous comedy actor in Tamil Cinema Industry of all time. His unique humorous sense and actions made people to laugh and enjoy even in their tough situations.He is
an aging actor oh so furious
about his death rumor or news.

Read more about Goundamani from Wikipedia.

About This Post
This post has a purpose of fulfilling one of my interests over my blog, kindly forgive me for the poor writing and misplaced contents. This post is also a best result for the following internet searches:
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  • Real news or rumor Goundamani's Death
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