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How to Make Conference Call in Google Talk

Call Conference
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Today I come up with an excellent trick that everyone will like. I believe that this is going to be a wonderful way, you will enjoy surfing into my blog I would explain this trick in details with complete demonstrative screenshots taken from my computer. The trick is making conference calls using Google Talk or Gtalk, Google's Gmail chat client or application. I know that everyone will have your Free Google Account. If you don't have Google Talk installed on your computer, please download and install it now from here. I don't think you can enjoy your chatting without a GTalk chat client. Read the complete post to implement this trick even on your Google Talk application.

Call Conferencing
Call conferencing is an important feature, not only on mobile phones, but also in online chat applications. Using this feature, you can call many friends or family members in a single voice chat. You make it connected with multiple persons. Unfortunately Google which provides various amazing features doesn't yet provide call conferencing feature on its GTalk chat client. However you can avail this feature using Multiple Google Talk Windows. Multiple Google Talk windows on same computer! Is that possible? Yes, of course. I have already explained about this in detail at 'How to Open Multiple Google Talk windows'. I suggest you to read that first before proceeding this trick. Because this trick is done using that trick. :)

Making Conference Calls in Google Talk
As you are aware, using Google Talk, you can make voice calls to your friends or relatives who are also connected using their account. Now let's learn to make conference voice calls using Google Talk.

Let's, suppose, consider three friends want to make conference call where they three join and talk. I assume the following:

  • Three friends are Anbu, Arun and Bala (considering three of my college friends in mind :) )
  • All the three friends have Google Talk installed on their computers.
  • They have their systems set up to make voice calls.
  • They are online now.
Here We Go
  1. Now each of the friends should open and login into two Google Talk windows (techies! as you guess, two instances of Google Talk :)) using the trick 'Opening Multiple Google Talk Windows'.  Assume that Anbu has two windows Anbu 1 and Anbu 2. Similarly Arun 1 & Arun2, Bala 1 & Bala 2 on their respective systems.
  2. In both the Google Talk windows, Referring the figure below, these three friends can make conference call if: Anbu 1 calls Arun 1, Anbu 2 calls Bala 1, then Arun 2 calls Bala 2.
Call Conference in Google Talk

The same way, any number of friends can be connected in conferencing by following the above trick.

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