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Google Free Services 2 - Google Reader

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I am very much satisfied with many Google services which are available on the web. I have already explained about Google Bookmark and Google Web History in my previous posts. In this post, I would explain about world's most wanted online service RSS Reader. Google offers this service as free for all regions. Continue reading for further details.

What is RSS Reader?
RSS is the abbreviation for 'Really Simple Syndication'. It is a real feed from your website or blog  that indicates the site contents and features like author, submitted date, tags and comments posted. Hence RSS is sometimes called as 'Read Site Sources'. RSS Reader is a kind of application or service that is able to read the site contents from the publishers' websites or blogs using the RSS feeds. It just links to the real site source by displaying full or part of the post or changes made on the site.

Google Reader
Google Reader is a free RSS reader from Google, available as a web service offered for Google account holders. It has many features that every online surfers will like to use. You can subscribe any number of feeds in Google Reader and read them in a single place. Thus you can keep in touch with the contents of your favorite websites or blogs. Google reader makes your surfing now just like your Gmail Inbox. 

Features of Google Reader
I like the following features of Google Reader:
  • Consolidated Site Contents
  • Easier Search for feed (Google seldom fails on search :) )
  • Bookmarks
  • Starring/Commenting/Sharing feeds
  • Easier navigation ( esp. hitting tab takes me to next post)
  • Excellent interface
  • Faster load
  • Search within feeds
  • Customized views
  • Feed suggestions
  • Recommended sources
  • Followers
  • and more...
Accessing Google Reader
You need an active Google account for accessing Google Reader. You can access Google Reader here. Find the below screen-shot taken from my Google Reader Home where I explained the features of Google Reader.
Google Reader Home - click to enlarge

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