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Starting, Stopping, and Restarting Oracle Business Intelligence Server - Siebel Analytics

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Today I come up with a nice article about Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE), part of Siebel Customer Relationship Management (Siebel CRM) system. OBI is formerly known as Siebel Analytics while another part of Siebel CRM is called as Siebel Marketing or Siebel Application Interface. Siebel CRM is an emerging infrastructure for large organizations, involving millions of customers all over the world. 

The tag-line is "Oracle Siebel! It's all about the Customer"
I can not make it presented here in this single post, all about OBI, however I would like to give you tips and tricks with OBI as well the Siebel CRM as a whole.

I have some experience with Siebel CRM. I hope this post will be helpful to people who have some ideas on Siebel CRM in prior. The notes that I am going to give you now is on Configuring Oracle Business Intelligence Server in Windows environment.

Why do we need Starting, Stopping, and Restarting OBI Server?
Restarting the OBI server is necessary for the following cases:

  • Application patch updates installed on the BI server.
  • Control Panel Settings changed.
  • Network (on which the BI is located) up-gradation or maintenance.
  • Troubleshooter run.
  • Application software installed.
  • Services become unavailable.
  • Services run long-time.
  • Non-responding processes.
  • Server configuration (changes in NQSConfig.ini, Web catalog files or repository .rpd files) changed.
On all the above cases, before the changes can happen, we must stop the OBI server, then restart it. It should be noted that the order in which we stop the server, then restart is so much important.

Order of Stopping, then Restarting OBI Services
To avoid unnecessary failures, the OBI services on  Windows environment should be stopped in the below order:
  1. Stop Oracle Business Intelligence Server Service
  2. Stop Oracle Business Intelligence Presentation Services
  3. Stop Oracle Business Intelligence Scheduler Service
I will now explain how these services are stopped or terminated under Windows environment. These steps are also very much important to consider when we want to restart the OBI server.

Stopping OBI Server under Windows
In order to stop OBI servers under Windows platform, we need to stop related Windows services. Because OBI servers are being run by Windows as services. Following the simple steps given below helps us to stop the OBI services. Here also the order is important.
  1. Open Windows Services. (Start->Run->services.msc->Enter or Start->Programs->Administrative Tools->Services)
  2. Stop 'Oracle BI Presentation Services'.
  3. Stop 'World Wide Web Service'.
  4. Stop 'Oracle BI Server Service'.
Stopping Oracle BI Presentation Services will take longer time to finish.

Starting OBI Server under Windows
Starting OBI Server is almost the reverse process of stopping the server, instead of stopping we start services. In order to start the OBI server, we need to start the following services in order:
  1. Open Windows Services. (Start->Run->services.msc->Enter or Start->Programs->Administrative Tools->Services)
  2. Start 'Oracle BI Server Service'.
  3. Start 'World Wide Web Service'.
  4. Start 'Oracle BI Presentation Services'.
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Web Reference: Goolge

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