Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mouse Tips and Tricks

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Though we can work with our computer system without it, Mouse is the most useful computer peripheral. We can say that we know well about the mouse and its usage in general. But there are some more features of new generation mice which are coming in different styles and designs. We would consider the one that we work with for our office work. Different applications give different actions to the mouse buttons on their interface. In this post I would like to tell you about useful features of the mouse buttons Left, Right and Middle/Scroll.

Left Mouse Button
Single Click – Select/Deselect, Click, Check/Uncheck
Double Click – Open, on Titile Bar of opened windows Maximize/Restore, on Video screen of most of the movie players.
Click and Drag – various functions
Right Mouse Button
Single Click – open Pop-up menu.
Middle Mouse Button 
This is very much useful than others for the applications like word processers, readers, image editors, browsers and so on.
Scroll Wheel – Scroll pages up/down
Click – I would tell the usage of middle mouse button over browsers like IE, Firefox.
Tips and Tricks 

  1. Middle click on opened tab closes that tab. 

  2. Middle click on the links in a page opens the link in a new tab. 

  3. Middle click on a bookmark folder opens all the links in new tabs. 
Bookmark in Internet Explorer

Bookmark in Mozilla Firefox

There are still more functions of this button. I will keep you updated, meanwhile you please post your tips in the comments section.

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