Monday, March 1, 2010

How to set Signature in Microsoft Outlook

As you are well aware, Microsoft Outlook is known as very good business email client of all time. It is really fast to load and simple to use. That's why most of the organizations are still interested to use Outlook. The best alternative to outlook could be Mozilla Thunderbird, which is ofcourse a free software, not like outlook a must licensed one.

Today my colleague asked me the procedure to set signature on his outlook mailbox. I approached him with very much enthusiasm as I am always interested to do this kind of help. Though it could be silly thing, it's always better to share with someone who really doesn't know about this. So whoever doesn't have idea but needed to use outlook can be benefited.

I explain the procedure with screenshots taken from my laptop. All you need before to start with is Microsoft Outlook installed and configured with your webmail account. In the example I use, I have configure my outlook with webmail and the set up is complete and tested. Let's learn it.

In this example, I demonstrate setting signature in outlook from a HTML file. Don't be afraid of. You can do it easily. Type and set styles to your signature in a word document and then save it as web page (html file). Now we need to set this in our outlook.

  • Launch outlook. There are so many ways in Windows, and you know.
  • From the menu bar, choose Tools -> Options

  • In the options dialog box, choose Mail Format tab. Select HTML for compose in this message format. Then click 'Signatures...' button. Another dialog box will be opened on.

  • In this Create Signature dialog, click 'New' button. One more dialog is opened on.

  • Enter a name for your new signature. Select 'use this file as a template'. Browse for the html file that you have created already. Click Next button.

  • Your signature will be shown in the next dialog, you can make changes in your signature if you want, else click Finish button.

  1. Close all other opened windows by clicking Ok button and apply the changes on Options by clicking Apply button. Your signature is now set.
No Signature on Reply and Forward Message:
By default this is applicable for composing new messages. Your signature is disabled for Reply and Forward message options. To enable the signature for Reply and Forward options, follow the simple step.
  • Choose Tools -> Options from menu bar.
  • On the Options dialog box, Select Signatures for replies and forwards as your created signature.

I hope the information is useful for outlook newbies.

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