Thursday, March 4, 2010

Google Free Services 1 - Google Bookmark

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Google, the Search Giant offers hunderds of FREE services to the online surfers, services specific to the location, specific to the interest, specific to the availability and so on. For using most of the services, all you need is a active Google account. The question is: Are we really aware and using all the services from Google? I would take initiative to answer this question. I would try to bring you my best analysis over the Google Services offered from the basic to advanced.

We have already discussed about the Google Web History. Click here to view it. In this post we would learn to use the free service Bookmark. Bookmark! It's easy to think of Bookmarks, if you are a good reader. Bookmarks are easily accessible. Get rid of writing on paper or making notes of your frequently visited sites. The same idea here on web to create, edit, delete and access your bookmarks using this service. All the browsers we use for surfing comes with bookmark/favorites features. But Google bookmark helps us to keep our bookmarks over internet, means it can be accessed from wherever you are on the go on internet.

Accessing Google Bookmark

  1. Open on your browser.

  2. Login using your Google account.

  3. Click on 'Bookmark' in the leftside panel.
  4. Adding New Bookmark
    1. Click on 'Add Bookmark' on left side panel.
    2. Set bookmark link, title, labels and notes.
    3. Save the bookmark.
    Tips to set Title, Labels and Notes
    1. Set the Title as easy to identify the web address.
    2. Set many relevant Labels which are useful to classify your bookmarks under categories.
    3. Set Notes such as where did you get the bookmark, who is the author if it is a blog etc.
    Additional Options
    In addition with this, you can link your bookmarks to your iGoogle Home, Google Home personlized for your account from which you can access your links very easily.
    You can export your bookmarksto a html file that can be saved on your drive.
    You can sort your bookmarks by date, by label or by title.
    Refer all these on the screen-shot I have taken:
    Keep Visiting for updates and Post your comments.

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