Monday, February 22, 2010

Welcome to My Search History

Dear Visitors

I am Muthuraj Lakshmanan from Chennai, India, a software engineer working in an MNC Company. I am a positive, open-minded, jovial and enthusiastic person. I do the good of my life by living better for the best. I like friendship, that's why I have very little enemies. I believe in goodness, faith, fortune and God. I have very good reasons for my beliefs, that people around me find on me.

I often use internet in my office, home and even in travel. As I am basically a computer engineer, I love computers and internet. I always like to spend my spare time on surfing the internet. I thank God, my goodness, I have everything I want in my life.

I have a new Dell Studio 1555 laptop, with high end configurations and a Sony Ericsson mobile which keeps me connected online wherever I go.

And I am here for doing right thing, right time, helping internet surfers to have better searches over world wide web. I perform more than 50 searches a day over internet, for various needs on my work which is really challenging for me, interesting as well.

For my searches, I use different search engines, basically the websites most of us using today. However I am very much fond of Google and its services like Gmail, Gtalk, Orkut, Google Reader, Google Documents etc. I quickly find out the desired results for my search on Google.

This is my first blog on In this blog, I would like to share my search experience on technical, non-technical stuff over internet. This is going to be very useful blog for the visitors who wish to spend their online time efficiently.

Okay! Let me work for this!! Meet you with regular updates!!!

Thank you for visiting!

Muthuraj L

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